Friday, January 19, 2018

The “news” is drowning us

Our world has a new monster. It is more vicious than any before. Even Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, couldn’t have imagined it. His own method was to repeat a lie but that was enough. His success has only been matched by our new monster.
Unlike monsters of myth, this one is real, an ever-present danger. We hear it everywhere; it lurks in sunshine and night. It invades our dreams. It is always there waiting.
We’ve long known that it’s harmful. It woos us and then kills us. It’s ironic that we seek it out. No matter where, we search for it. We are addicted to danger.
Some say it’s gold that attracts us. Some say it’s sex. Like moths to a flame, we flutter into danger. Drawn by seductive pictures, violence and fear, we fly to our doom. It is a global monster, present every day of the year in all parts of our world. I’ve heard it in Turkey, I’ve heard it in Greece and India, Bangladesh and England, France and Germany.
You’ll have understood by now. The daily flood of news is drowning us and all we do is to say “Give me more.”

Dave Grimland