Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Terrifying parade” highlights need for bike safety education

Today I was a part of a frightening “parade” in Park City. There were five of us in our cars slowly traveling down Clark Street from right before the school playground to almost Cemetery Road going 10 mph or so.
The leader of the “parade” was a child about 8 or so on a bicycle. He or she (I was too far away to tell) was bicycling down the center line of the street weaving close to the line. I knew what was happening as I could see the back of the child pop in and out of the front line of cars.
I was lucky, I could turn off this terrifying parade when I got to my own driveway. I still felt the need to continue watching.
The others had to hold their breath as they experienced the reality that at any time the child could be hit by a 2,000 pound vehicle. The child appeared to be oblivious of the danger. I am sure all of us let out our breath when this child finally disappeared off Clark Street.
Parents, please speak to your child about safety on their bike. Talk to them about where to bike on the road, where to talk and walk with their friends. The world is such an adventure to them, please help them see how important being aware is.
Our children, whether little or teens, are so precious to all of us. Let us keep them safe. As a driver, slow down and realize a child can dart out at any time.
Thank you to those drivers who were so patient in this dangerous scenario.

Carol Henckel
Park City