Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cobbling office space at old hospital embarrassing

I have enjoyed the privilege of traveling across the country and around the world. I have seen the benefit of investing in historic buildings and venues that are centuries old. Whether in Africa, Europe, or in the United States, preserving buildings provides a link to the past and an opportunity to learn for the future.
As I look around our County there are very few structures that connect us to our past. The most ironic is our courthouse. I admire those leaders of almost a hundred years ago who had the courage and commitment to build our courthouse. We connect with them through the building we have today.
Now it is our turn. I recommend we renovate the existing courthouse and build additional space for current needs and future growth onto the back of the current building. This will allow correction of the access problems; more complete utilization of the current courthouse; and an opportunity to continue the legacy.
I am embarrassed by the recent efforts to cobble together spacing utilizing the old hospital. The building has outlived its usefulness. I don’t think anyone who knows the history of that building believes it can be renovated for the estimate costs. Spending additional funds to turn it into an office complex and/ or justice center will not address current or future needs and will be a waste of funds.
One hundred years from now I hope people will look back on us and admire us for our courage and commitment to saving a historic structure and creating a similar legacy.

Barbara Henderson