Saturday, March 24, 2018

Commission candidate thanks civic-minded teachers

I would like to commend Mr. Mike Moodry, social studies teacher at Columbus High School in Columbus, Montana.
He hosted a candidate forum for the Stillwater County Commissioner District No. 2 candidates in his government class on Wednesday, April 6.
Thank you Mr. Moodry for being civic minded and taking time to expose your students, and Mr. Casey Olsen’s as well, to our political process. It would be great if this idea were to spread to other county schools. Perhaps we can bring about more civic opportunities for our youth.
One of the questions at the forum was “What have you done to promote democracy in your life”? There is no one answer to this question. Each person can promote democracy in his own special way.
For example every time you volunteer in your community, exercise your right of free speech and worship, and vote in our free elections you are promoting democracy. Your constitutional rights are a result of hard work and dedication of those that came before us. Let’s all of us honor their sacrifices, their hard work and dedication by exercising our constitutional rights to help promote democracy in our great land.

Marta Gauthier