Thursday, April 19, 2018

Iraq, Afghanistan vet: Islam not a religion of peace

As I read the Dec. 2 Stillwater County News I was appalled to find a letter to the editor that blames the United States for radical Islamic terrorist.
Is this what we have come to? We are so politically correct that we blame ourselves for terrorist acts against the Western World.
In the days since the letter was written we have seen another horrific act of terrorism. This time it happens to be in the borders of our own country. Is this our fault too? Who is to blame? Apparently not the Islamic radicals that committed the act.
It’s probably because we don’t have “common sense” gun laws as President Obama suggests. How can anyone believe in these progressive lies? Do you not see what is really happening here?
Our freedom and way of life is under attack. What is the White House’s solution? Climate change? Maybe that is the problem. The Earth is getting warmer and it gives the Islamic Radical better weather to commit these acts.
How long is America going to sit back and watch as our freedoms deteriorate in front of us? Progressives seem to want to blame everyone but people who commit these crimes.
After the terrorist attacks of San Bernardino the White House immediately blamed guns. Progressives like to blame so called Republican rhetoric. I have spent 37 months of my life in Iraq and another nine months in Afghanistan as a Cavalry Scout in the U.S. Army.
I have seen these Islamic radicals first hand. I can assure you that the solution to stop terrorism is not more gun control or political correctness.
Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of oppression. Progressives in this country are quick to call anybody who doesn’t agree with them a bigot, but yet they want to protect the rights of these Islamic countries whose human rights records are unspeakable.
There certainly are worse things than allowing the huddled masses to live freely in America, and that is allowing terrorists into our country not properly vetted with these huddled masses so they can commit terror against our great nation.
A terrorist only has to be successful one time to get their message across. America needs to be right all of the time. So taking extra steps to keep terror out of our country is reasonable.
I can also find the silver lining of Gov. Bullock in saying he wouldn’t prevent Montana from accepting refuges, he is committing his own political suicide and maybe we can elect a governor that actually represents the majority of true Montanans. Not a partisan political hack who wants President Obama to notice him. And to Mr. Grimland, I have read that Canada is gladly going to accept 30,000 Syrian refuges.
They also just elected a Socialist as a Prime Minister. This sounds like a Progressive paradise. Maybe this is just the place for you. I know the winters are pretty cold, but with impending climate change everywhere it should be a comfortable sunny and 75 very soon.

Kyle Stadel