Sunday, January 21, 2018

Keep up the good work BEC board of directors

I attended the informational meeting in Columbus and was impressed both by the new management of BEC, Lower Valley Electric, and by the process used to make that choice.
In addition to the board, many members volunteered their time to serve on committees that provided valuable information and advice to the board. Working together, you accomplished a minor miracle.
As a former and hopefully future member of BEC, I would like to thank you for your efforts to guide BEC through a costly bankruptcy. Your hard work has paid off, literally and figuratively, as BEC members can now look forward to more reasonable rates in the not too distant future. After years of very high monthly bills, this is welcome news indeed.
Your transparency and efforts to involve members are commendable and I hope that they will continue. BEC’s experience of the past few years has shown that BEC members must remain involved in their co-op. Lacking any real regulatory oversight by any government agency, members alone are responsible for ensuring that their board makes sound decisions.
This places an obligation on members to be active and involved, and on the board to ensure that members are informed.
Keep up the good work!

Kathleen Ralph