Thursday, April 19, 2018

Listen up Montana, right to trap is in danger

I am writing this to let all Montanans know that we are up against the right to manage our right of a tool that dates way back to the people who founded this great treasure state.
It’s called animal damage control/predator control. Or a more simple term – trapping.
What trapping means to us is helping people out with beavers that dam up irrigation ditches for the benefit of green yards in town or mostly the ranchers. Most ranchers know that trapping is still needed.
How about the rabies that skunks carry, or the nuisance they become? Has anyone ever had skunk problems? I talk about these the most because these are the bulk of things we deal with the most.
So to sum this up, ask the politicians when they are coming around asking for your vote about trapping. For some of them, they will give the talk that politicians give. I’ve fallen for it before, but guess what I remember? And they know who they are, and I give them a no vote this time.
So back to trapping. I’ve lived in a state that voted to ban trapping and wow, that made our time short-lived in that state. It took 10 years to work all that out, just to get it somewhat back to having the right to deal with animal damage control work alone.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Chad Esche