Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mark Crago is a worthy Stillwater County commissioner candidate

In 2009 I worked for Mark Crago.
He was an excellent and fair employer. He listened to my needs and suggestions as an employee then followed through on them to ensure I could do my best for him and the company. He continues to do the same with all employees.
Mark is an honest, hardworking, and reliable person. He’s a loving family man, who cares deeply about the residents and issues in Stillwater County.
He will give greatly of himself and his time, and will listen to - not just hear – the resident’s voices regarding their needs, the issues, and what they want for Stillwater County.
It’s an honor to vote for Mark, and I ask the folks of Stillwater County do the same. He will not let us down. We will see great things done in our county such as better and decent paving, graveling, and grading of our roads.

Park City