Thursday, April 19, 2018

Racing, voting and funeral

These three events happened on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016.
If you are a NASCAR fan then Daytona, Fla., was the place to be for the opening race of the season with the Grand Daddy Race on Sunday.
If you lived in South Carolina and planned to vote in the Republican primary then there was activity for you cheering on your choice for the presidential candidate.
Washington D.C. - The funeral of Justice Scalia who served over 30 years on the Supreme Court. He was a champion of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. He appeared to be a man full of life. Now gone. Natural causes or something else. I don’t know but God does.
Behind the scenes in racing, it takes a whole bunch of “team work.” First you have the owners of the cars, then sponsors, a crew chief and the team behind and over the wall during pit stops.
To watch the over-the-wall crew (two tire changers, one jack man, one gas can man) change four tires under 14 seconds is amazing to watch. Driver and crew chief – the strategy, the timing, no penalties for speeding coming onto pit row. One important factor about all of these players – they are physically fit.
Making the decision to run for the president of the United States has many components like NASCAR racing. It is a big commitment. Donors to back your bid, team work from the volunteers that you assemble throughout the 50 states. Strategy, air time, debates, ability to connect with the voters, thinking on your feet to name a few.
I would say that each candidate needs to be up to the task both physically and mentally to endure the “race” to the finish line.
The priest that performed the Mass for Justice Scalia was his son. Tough. Many, many people honored Justice Scalia. Missing for the first time in history was the POTUS (president of the United States).
Freedom isn’t free. God bless America. In liberty.

Shirlee Keffer