Thursday, April 19, 2018

Read up, speak out and kneel down during these times

Americans are facing a moral dilemma. Should we usher in tens, maybe hundreds of thousands, of mostly Muslim immigrants? A majority of them are likely legitimate refugees, but undoubtedly there’s a fair number of radicalized Isamicists hiding amongst the tired, poor, hungry and displaced.
As a nation founded on the tenets of Christianity, we are taught to step up in times of trouble to assist those who need help regardless of their affiliations, and personally, I think the most wonderful part of God’s earthly plan involves humans getting past their differences to find the pure beauty of His love for us all.
It’s just that the leap of faith required for your average everyday disciple of Jesus to put aside fears and misgivings, is less a quick jump across a deep puddle of standing water, and more like taking a running straddle across a vast canyon over a turbulent river. You might need a little coaxing. And maybe a blindfold and some anti-anxiety pills. Or a Hot Shot.
What I’ve determined though, is that facts are what we need first and foremost. We need facts to understand why they are suddenly flocking to our shores when many other countries, suitable to their religious and cultural needs, have offered to take them in if only they had financial aid to support the influx.
We need to know if they are willing to live by the laws of our land and uphold our Constitution. We need to find out if they would expect the U.S., as a host country, to bend to their will in matters of the practice of Islam.
And then, we need to ask ourselves if we are ready to either assert our laws, or turn a blind eye to their brand of justice, Sharia Law.
One fact that I do know, that keeps coming back to me, like an obsessed pine beetle dive-bombing my head in the middle of the night, is this: There are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. The percentage of radicalized followers is estimated at 10 percent. That is basically 150 million potential terrorists.
150 million. Gulp! So, what do we do? How do we proceed? Read up, speak out, and kneel down, is my advice.
Participate in your state and local government proceedings, attend informational meetings, and diligently search for the truth.
The Politics and Eggs Breakfasts in Columbus are excellent forums for community feedback and expert presentations. This month, Tom Osborne spoke on Islam; fact-filled and thought provoking, he gave an impressive talk.
I respect peaceful Muslims for their strong adherence to a faith not always understood, but they also must do their part to weed out the evil element within their ranks.
America is a unique and wonderful country-the best in the world, in my opinion-blessed by God and should be a beacon of liberty to all
All who seek to respect our hard-fought way of life, that is.

Audrey Steinfeldt
Reed Point