Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Refugees here?

So far our great state of Montana has not joined the other states, where the governors have stood up and said “No, we don’t want the refugees in our state.” The people should have a say and be represented by our senators and congressmen.
They already know that one of the terrorists posed as a refugee that was involved in the Paris attacks.
So how many more are waiting to attack America and are we just going to sit and wait for them? Is this what we want for our State?
It might be six months, a year, five years, 10, years, maybe 15 years, but you can bet they are waiting for their chance for American blood to spill.
Let’s stand together and voice our concerns about the refugees coming to our state and tell our legislators that we don’t want any refugees in our state! Call the governor’s office at (406)444-3111 and tell them we don’t want the refugees in our state! You can bet if they come we will all pay the price, one way or another.
Charlene Horton
Park City