Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Take the opportunity to remember someone else’s dreams

It’s hard to believe that such a little stick could become such a treasured memory.
My sister passed away January 2014 and left behind three children and 11 grandchildren. Most of whom lived out of state so she never had the chance to know them real well but spoke of them often and wanted to be closer to them.
When her nieces and nephews were small she took them on many hikes telling stories of cowboys and Indians and how to respect the land.
And the hikes continued with great nieces and nephews. She always carried some sort of walking stick that she poked, prodded and dug the ground as she explored the land. All the kids during the hike usually ended up being cowboys or Indians on some fantastic journey.
She always wanted to make walking sticks but never was able to get started. After she passed away I received some of her costume jewelry and I was trying to figure out something to do for her grandchildren, so I put two and two together and decided to make walking sticks with a piece of her jewelry on them for each of her grandchildren. It’s not that the sticks are super fancy or anything but about the memory it will make.
So in ending if want you want someone to be remembered for something they always wanted to do, or what they did or wanted to do -- go for it. Put their name on something and make a treasured memory.

Bonnie Maki