Friday, April 20, 2018

Thank you to Tippet Rise

This past Saturday was remarkable. At Tippet Rise outstanding Billings Symphony Orchestra members joined internationally recognized musicians to perform all six Brandenburg Concertos in a music barn that offers near-perfect sound.
The performance and the acoustics were the best I have ever heard and I have heard the concertos several times in major venues. A large Alexander Calder sculpture from the Hirshhorn Museum hangs in the music barn, the polished cement floor gleams, the view of the mountains is perfectly framed by the performance area windows and the seating is comfortable even for aging Fishtail husbands and friends.
A performance of Canyons to the Stars by Olivier Messiaen (French composer and ornithologist who celebrated birdsongs) at the outdoor acoustic shell featured grand piano, oboe and birds singing in the nearby trees. Amazing.
Thank you to Cathy and Peter Halstead for the invitation and care that made this live musical exchange such a meaningful and beautiful experience for us.

Arleen Boyd