Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thanks for the community participation at Day of Prayer

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was able to participate in the National Day of Prayer observance May 7. To the many who willingly lifted others in prayer and all who were able to be present. I wish to also thank the Stillwater News for their fine coverage in the weeks preceeding and the actual event.
I know that many were unable to attend due to work schedules and other commitments but you stand along side praying continually. As we come forward into elections and campaigns we need to study the candidates closely and know what they stand for. They will be assuming leadership for our country and we want to know we are represented well by trustworthy dedicated elected people who remember they are working on behalf of all of us. We need to cover them in prayer and seek God’s guidance for their leadership. I want to recognize and thank Representative Forrest Mandeville and Senator David Howard who are representing Stillwater County.
I encourage each person to make sure you are registered with the Stillwater County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, if you have moved or are new to the county. Voting is a great privileged as is praying. Please know that I am deeply grateful for all of you who are committed in supporting our nation in prayers. When we can do nothing we can always Pray for God Listens.

Gwen Aubrey