Thursday, March 22, 2018

Transparency lacking in commissioners courthouse process

I am writing this letter to express my confusion and concern about the Courthouse renovation options.
Apparently the public meetings scheduled to discuss the Feasibility Study the Commissioners requested in 2013 occurred before the Study was available to the public.
I am wondering how there could have been in-depth, quality discussion on the options when there has been no opportunity to study the information prior to public input Our community is made up of intelligent, educated, gifted people.
It seems a waste to not provide time for these community members to have an opportunity to digest the Feasibility Study information and offer well thought out questions and suggestions.
As a concerned county taxpayer, I am disturbed by the lack of transparency that has been occurring regarding the entire Courthouse renovation situation. Apparently, there has been considerable work and money spent renovating a section of the old hospital which is being referred to as the West Annex.
I am wondering why we are spending money on this project prior to the information from the Feasibility Study which might influence decisions regarding the best use of our taxpayer dollars. Why are the plans and the money being spent a secret? We as taxpayers in the County have a right to know where our money is being spent.
I am also wondering why it has taken so long for the feasibility study to be completed. The condition of the courthouse and the crowding situation is a critical issue.
I am hoping other community taxpayers have similar questions regarding the feasibility study and the decisions that need to be made regarding the Courthouse. It would seem to me that, while decisions need to be made soon, the community needs be able to have a clear understanding of the options and costs regarding any decision that is made.
I am hoping the commissioners will make the complete Feasibility Study available to the community and that quality, well thought out input and discussions can follow before any decisions are made. Hopefully, decisions will be made in a prudent, transparent manner.
Coralee Hicks