Thursday, April 19, 2018

Where is the respect in Columbus on Memorial Day?

It saddened us as we drove the streets of Columbus on Memorial Day to find so many businesses and government buildings not flying the American flag. Here is a day set aside for us to reflect and honor those who have fought for us and died for our country. This day a “vacation” day was set out of respect for our veterans.
As you drove into town it was apparent how few flags there were. As you come down 9th there were no flags at McDonald’s, Two Rivers Plaza or Village Square. None at our state and county offices on 9th, none at First Interstate Bank. In town none until NAPA and Yellowstone Bank where the flags flew up through Perceptions.
None even at Beartooth Manor where some veterans are living out the rest of their lives. In town there weren’t any at the Columbus Library, our Stillwater County News, Beartooth Ford, the IGA or our U.S. Post Office. Going across the tracks there weren’t any until Montana Silversmiths on the right side. Mandeville’s had one.
Again how sad there is such an apparent lack of respect in our community for our armed forces on a day set aside to honor them and show our support.

Wayne and Julie Clark