Thursday, March 22, 2018

YV Audubon Society says thanks

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society would like to thank those utility companies and landowners that have gone the “extra mile” to help achieve a safer balance for Ospreys, utility companies and people.
The Ospreys’ habit of building nests on top of electric power poles not only endangers the Ospreys and their young, but their nests endanger people living nearby by causing power outages and fire hazards. In recent years, utility companies have donated material, equipment, and manpower to establish free standing osprey nesting poles and platforms along the Yellowstone and Stillwater Rivers as safe nesting alternatives to electric power poles. A few of these recent projects have been located at:
•Swinging Bridge Fishing Access on Hwy 78 near Absarokee;
•The Osprey Outpost on Hwy 212 2 miles south of Laurel;
•Duck Creek Fishing Access at Duck Creek and River Road;
•The Cattleland Feedlot Substation west of Park City on Hwy 10;
•The Prince Concrete Site in Forsyth;
•Riverfront Park in Billings; and
•Various sites along the Upper Yellowstone River in the Paradise Valley.
Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society supports and values its working relationship with these utility companies and landowners. Without their assistance and cooperation, this important and successful Osprey protection and problem resolution would not be possible.

Deb Regele
Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society