Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Divisionals squad, from the left:  
Back row: Devin Livergood, Bri Haskins, Sage Livergood, Allison Onoszko, Rourke Hanson, Josiah Forseth, Maryssa Schultz, Josh Cullings, Ethan Kane, Tannar Ranstrom, Dalton Marjerison
Front: Heather Conner, Sarah Carrel, Brooke Kern, Ryan Koski, Meghan Frigon, Jessica Valdez, Myah Timon, Kolten Lee, Connor Jacobs Not pictured: Joey Galanti, Vincent Galanti

CHS Speech and Drama grabs 2nd place divisional trophy

After a productive season of busy practices, early morning bus rides, and long intense days at meets scattered along the I-90 corridor, the Columbus Speech and Drama team squared up for the B-C Divisional Tournament at Three Forks.
Columbus qualified 14 individuals for state and brought home the second place divisional trophy for Class B Drama at Saturday’s Southern B Divisional competition. Lone gold medalist Ryan Koski contributed 14 points towards the team’s placement by winning all four of his preliminary rounds in Humorous Solo Acting and clinching his title with a strong performance in finals.
Other top soloists included Tannar Ranstrom, finishing second in Pantomime after burning up the finals round with wins from all three finals judges, and Ethan Kane in Serious Solo acting, who, like Koski, won all his preliminary rounds before falling victim to one discontented judge in finals to finish third. Brooke Kern and Jessica Valdez, performing in Classical Duo Acting, and Rourke Hanson with partner
Josiah Forseth performing in Serious Duo acting, earned fourth place finishes with consistent performances in their respective events. Rounding out the strong day for drama by Columbus was the Humorous Duo act of Heather Conner and Sarah Carrel, fifth in their highly competitive category.
Earning their tickets to State on the Speech side of the competition were the Columbus Policy Debate teams, Kolten Lee and Connor Jacobs, winning three of four matches for third place, while rookie team Allison Onoszko and Sage Livergood (2-2) finished fourth. Maryssa Schultz rallied from a slow start to the day in Spontaneous Oral Interpretation of Literature by winning her fourth round and placing consistently in finals for fifth overall.
All of the Columbus finalists, by virtue of placing in the top six, qualified to compete in Ennis and will travel to the State B-C Tourney this weekend, competing both Friday and Saturday. Coaches Johanna Kern, Lorrie Koski, and Bob Reed feel optimistic about the team’s chances to earn some hardware at the State Meet.
As the season comes to a close, a special thanks goes out to the Speech and Drama seniors, Joey Galanti, Meghan Frigon, Josh Cullings, Maryssa Schultz, Ryan Koski, and team
captains Brooke Kern and Ethan Kane. They have provided exceptional leadership, creativity, and guidance to their team mates.