Thursday, March 22, 2018

Commissioners continue contract planning at $6,000 per month

The Stillwater County Commissioners renewed an agreement with CTA Planning Services of Red Lodge to provide contracted planning services for the county.
The agreement estimates a cost of $6,000 per month, but may be higher depending on the volume of work performed. The contract will be in effect for six months from Jan. 15 through Jul. 15.
Stillwater County began contracting with CTA for planning services in July, 2014 when the former planner, Forrest Mandeville, resigned from the position. The initial agreement estimated a cost of $8,000 per month based on the volume of work.
At the time Commissioner Maureen Davey said the six-month contract would give the county time to decide whether to hire another planner or to go another direction. Davey also said in July that many counties are now using contract planning services. Carbon County also contracts with CTA for professional planning services.
Mandeville had been earning a salary of $51,875 (not including benefits and before taxes and deductions) at the time he resigned, according to Stillwater County Finance and Human Resource Specialist Joe Morse. That works out to a little more than $4,300 per month.
Reorganizational Resolutions
Commissioner Dennis Shupak was chosen to serve as chairman of the Stillwater County Commissioners for 2015 during the Jan. 6 meeting.
The commissioners are required by law to adopt organizational resolutions during the first meeting of each year.
In addition to serving as chairman, Shupak will serve as liaison with a number of additional boards and committees. These assignments include the Airport Board, Alternatives, Inc, Billings Area Fire Group, District 7 HRDC, DUI Task Force, Fairgrounds/Pavilion, Fire Council, LEPC – E911, and the Transportation Committee.
Commissioner Gerald Dell, who served as chairman during 2014, will serve as liaison for Absarokee Sewer RSID 5 and 7, Area II Agency on Aging, Beartooth RC&D, Building Facilities, Local 3877 Arbitration Board, Local Mental Health, Regional Mental Health, and the Weed Management District.
Commissioner Maureen Davey will serve as liaison to the Board of Health, Drought Committee, Health Insurance Committee, Information Technology, Investment Technology, Library Board, and the Solid Waste Board.
Well-Testing Agreement
The commissioners approved a well-testing agreement with Dowl HKM for the closed county landfill. The wells are due for testing again in 2015.
Davey said testing done after the flooding several years ago was acceptable, but regulations require ongoing testing.
The proposal from Dowl HKM is in the amount of $4,000. Dowl HKM also performed the well testing in 2013, but at a cost of $3,180.
Dell said the cost of professional services for this type of work has increased in recent years.
The commissioners also received a proposal from Great West Engineering for the well testing, but the proposal from Down HKM was less expensive.
Weed District Management Board
Appointments were made for two vacancies on the Weed District Management Board. The commissioners received two applications for the two vacancies. Allen Nordahl and Robert Kirch were both appointed to the board.
Davey said both of these gentlemen have been on the weed board in the past and have done a good job.
Appointments to the five-member board are for four-year terms.
Courthouse Meetings
A series of public meetings have been planned to present options for the courthouse facilities.
Meetings will be held in Absarokee on Jan. 13, in Columbus on Jan. 14, and in Park City on Jan. 15. All of the meetings will start at 6:30 p.m.
According to the most recent treasurer’s report, Stillwater County had $33,563,003.70 as of November 30.
The Clerk and Recorder’s office collected $6,095.35 in fees during the month of December.
The Clerk of District Court reported collecting $9,427.19 during the quarter ending Dec. 31.
The Sheriff’s Department collected $250 in fees during the month of December, and a total of $1,450 for the quarter ending Dec. 31.