Saturday, January 20, 2018

DOT updating, adding emergency signs at multiple MRL crossing

Railroad crossings across the county are getting a little safer, thanks to the Montana Department of Transportation (DOT).
DOT is launching a project that will update signs along Montana Rail Link crossings by replacing existing crossbuck assemblies due to a new requirement in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), according to a letter from DOT sent to the Stillwater County commissioners.
New requirements also mandate that stop or yield signs be part of the crossbuck assembly unless an engineering study has been conducted by “the road authority” that determines such additional signs are not appropriate, according to the letter.
In addition, emergency notification signs (ENS) will be installed, with two signs at every public crossing. A 1-800 phone number will be listed on those signs, along with a location number.
The project is being funded in full by DOT with MRL providing the labor, equipment and maintenance. There is no cost to the county.
The following is a list of locations and signs scheduled for installation:

Emergency Notification Sign Only
•Clark Street in Park City
•Valley Creek Road in Park City
•Pratten Street in Columbus
•Third Avenue in Columbus
•Division Street in Reed Point
•Holmgren Fishing Access area, west of Columbus

Crossbuck Assembly with a Yield or Stop Sign
•Pope Road: Stop
•East of Reed Point: Stop
•One mile east of Reed Point: Stop
•Clark Street in Park City: Yield
•Pratten Street in Columbus: Yield