Saturday, January 20, 2018

Local Montana Outlaw BBQ team finishes 11th overall at Montana BBQ Cook-off

The Lonestar Smoke Rangers from Rapid City, S.D., took him the overall Grand Champion title at Sunday’s Montana BBQ Cook-Off in Absarokee.
Jo-Bawb’s BBQ out of Rozet, Wyo., was named the overall Reserve Champion.
Montana Outlaw BBQ was the highest finishing Stillwater team, placing 11th out of 29th overall. The only other Montana team to place in the top 11 was the third place overall winner of Grate Expectations out of Billings.
Montana Outlaw BBQ was fifth in the chicken category, 11th in the brisket category, 12th in the pork category and 15th in the rib category.
Longboard BBQ of Absarokee was 18th in the overall competition, followed by Noe Clue BBQ Team of Columbus in 25th and the Absarokee Volunteer Fire Department notching a 27th place in its inaugural year.
Unseasonably cool weather Sunday morning cut the crowd size substantially at the wildly popular summer competition. But conditions during the event were perfect, according to organizer Nick Morrison.
An estimated 3,000 were in attendance and revenue was down approximately 15 percent from last year.
The following is how Stillwater County teams placed in each category:
5. Montana Outlaw BBQ
16. Noe Clue BBQ Team
18. Longboard BBQ
27. Absarokee Volunteer Fire Department
15. Montana Outlaw BBQ
20. Longboard BBQ
25. Absarokee Volunteer Fire Department
27. Noe Clue BBQ Team
12. Montana Outlaw BBQ
13. Longboard BBQ19. Noe Clue BBQ Team
20. Absarokee Volunteer Fire Department
11. Montana Outlaw BBQ
15. Longboard BBQ26. Absarokee Volunteer Fire Department
27. Noe Clue BBQ Team
Anything Goes
5. Noe Clue BBQ Team
6. Longboard BBQ20. Absarokee Volunteer Fire Department