Thursday, March 22, 2018

The upset of the Bobcats at the Columbus Elementary School may have had something to do with the generous donation of Mike Matovich of Matovich IGA, who is loyal Griz fan and is pictured to the right with his wife Becky and children Taylor and Mason.And the winner for Rapelje School’s Cats/Griz food drive is.....the Bobcats!Pictured from the left are Mary Arthun, Harley Kale, Logan Young and Mallary Pelton. To determine the winners, the Absarokee Elementary School counted items donated rather than weighing the food.  The Grizzlies brought 247 items while the Bobcats brought in 264 items for a grand total of 511.  Columbus High School student council members Dalton Marjerison, Connor Solomon, and Chuck Miller.

MSU Bobcats win Stillwater County schools food drive

Not only did the Montana State University Bobcats pull off a stunning win against the University of Montana Grizzlies Saturday before a crowd of more than 26,000, Stillwater once again proved to be ‘Cat country when it comes to the annual food drive competition.
With Columbus, Absarokee and Rapelje taking part, the Bobcats won at Absarokee Elementary and Absarokee High School, Columbus High School and Rapelje. The only school to report a Grizzly victory was the unlikely Columbus Elementary School – a normal Bobcat powerhouse.
However, CES celebrated Saturday’s win with a school-wide popcorn party Monday, said CES Principal Marlene Deis, adding that she estimated the school collected between 1,000 and 1,5000 pounds of food during the five-day competition.
The true winner of the annual event is Project Hope, where all the donations are taken. The contest generated approximately 2,800 pounds of food this year, said Project Hope Executive Director Marcia Spano. Some of that food will be used to make approximately 100 to 120 Thanksgiving boxes Project Hope will distribute this week.

The Bobcats also won the statewide food drive contest, with MSU totaling 327,174 pounds of food and UM pulling in 317,482 pounds, according to the Can the Griz Facebook page.
The Cats beat the Griz 24-17 in Missoula, led by freshman quarterback Chris Murray, who had 142 rushing yards. The win was the highlight of a difficult Bobcat season, that ended with a 2-6 conference record and a 4-7 overall record. The Grizzlies had a 3-5 conference record and 6-5 overall record.