Saturday, March 24, 2018

Political group mail ballot applications causing voter confusion

Stillwater County voters are being barraged with mail ballot applications for the November general election and the Clerk & Recorder’s Office is getting completed forms flowing in – both of which are causing confusion.
Clerk & Recorder Heidi Stadel said her office is receiving completed mail ballot applications and phone calls from residents who are asking her to stop sending them the applications. Voters are also voicing their confusion about having to complete and return the forms.
The mail ballot applications are being sent out by multiple political groups. The applications are official and contain the return mailing address of Stadel’s office, where such records are recorded and maintained. But the forms are not coming from Stadel’s office.
“Some people are thinking they are not registered to vote,” said Stadel. “And people are getting multiple applications.”
A mail ballot application basically signs you up to be an absentee voter. If you register as an absentee voter, you will receive your ballot by mail.
With many state and national election officials predicting a big turnout this November, Stadel said it is important for voters to realize what they are receiving in the mail and what it means.
Stadel encourages anyone with questions or concerns to contact her office at 322-8000.