Saturday, March 24, 2018

What a wasteful society we have become

I heard a story on the radio this week that reported that Americans waste 40 percent of the food they prepare in their homes.
Restaurants throw out into garbage bins another 60 percent. Plus few of us recycle our glass and plastics so that too goes into landfills where rain and snow melt trickle through the plastic and contaminate our sources of drinking water. It only takes a few of these plastic particles to lodge in essential organs (brain, lungs, livers and kidneys) to bring on serious illness or death.
It’s pretty easy to recycle glass, plastic, aluminum cans and even newspapers. In Columbus, the county or town provides large recycling bins (at the county dump and near the swimming pool) where anyone can drop off newspapers and aluminum cans. Unfortunately we have to drive to Target in Billings to dump plastic and glass, and on the way (near the vet on the right side of the Interstate) we can leave our cardboard.
It doesn’t take much whether we use the Columbus facilities or stop by the other two on one of our trips to Billings, so why not do your part to help our health and get the satisfaction of doing something very worthwhile.

Dave Grimland