Monday, January 22, 2018

Lighten up, Absarokee neighbors, they are only kids

In the April 16 issue under the police blotter there was mention of a group of boys being stopped by an officer in Absarokee. They were having an “air soft war.”
My son was one of them. This is the second time neighbors have complained to police about these boys playing with these guns.
I would like to educate people on these. First they look very real. However they shoot small plastic beads. I have seen the boys shoot each other at close range and they don’t break the skin. They couldn’t break a window. Unless a gun is aimed directly at metal at close range, it won’t dent.
The boys have a blast running outside and having their wars. In talking to my neighbors, the boys in this town have used them for years. (One of these boys is 21 and the other is 28).
Secondly, both times the police were contacted I called and asked what the issue was. I have now been told by two officers that there is no ordinance preventing the boys from using these guns. Obviously, they can’t shoot at animals or people not participating in their game.
In a town of this size where not every young person likes or wants to participate in competitive sports, there is little for them to do. They get told not to ride their bikes and skateboards in parking lots or sidewalks.
They must have some type of healthy outdoor activity or like so many before them, they will get bored and turn to other, non legal means of entertainment.
Lighten up neighbors - try to remember they are kids!

Lori Good