Thursday, March 22, 2018

With exceptions, old hospital only choice due to cost

I feel the decision to use the old hospital for county offices should be a “no brainer!”
This assumes the county court and sheriff’s department would remain in their current location or have a new facility built elsewhere. The cost savings of this alternative is just too much to ignore.
Allow me to also acknowledge it’s easy to understand why county employees might find renovated hospital space less desirable than a new facility. Anyone would.
At the same time, I found working at a desk in the Air Force for four years only reinforced my belief that government facilities aren’t intended to be as “nice” as what corporations provide their employees. I managed to get my job done working at a steel desk on a linoleum floor in a metal cubical without windows anywhere in the room. I really didn’t expect more nor did I feel anyone was taking advantage of me. I have a feeling the remodeled space in the old hospital can and will be much more comfortable.
Isn’t it time to lick our wounds and move on?

Kent Harris