Saturday, March 24, 2018

Husky senior Colleen Culbertson spikes the ball against Custer-Hysham’s Stevie Reddog while backed up by Husky senior Makayla Peterson.

Huskies undefeated

Absarokee dispatched Custer-Hysham and Reed Point-Rapelje in two conference games last week, defeating the Rebels on Oct. 9 at home, 25-15, 25-13, 25-22, and the Renegades on Oct. 10 in Rapelje, 21-25, 25-12, 25-7, 25-14.
The Renegades won the first set, but were overwhelmed after that. Sophomore Destiny Ayers led RPR with 13 of the team’s 24 kills, two of the team’s three blocks and five of the team’s 13 aces. Senior Brooke Krieger had 10 of the team’s 45 digs and five aces. Sophomore Nynah Bryant posted all 24 of the Renegades’ assists.
Senior Emma Chandler led the Huskies with six of Absarokee’s 22 aces, three of the team’s four blocks, 14 of the team’s 29 assists and three of the team’s 35 kills. Senior Maisey Sheppard had six aces, and junior Erin Campbell had 25 of the Huskies’ 84 digs.
Absarokee turned back Custer-Hysham in three sets before a hometown crowd. Senior Colleen Culbertson posted 10 of the Huskies’ 34 kills, and senior Makayla Peterson had two of the team’s four aces. On defense, Chandler had four of the Huskies’ seven blocks and 19 of the team’s 32 assists.
For the Rebels, sophomore Tori Cybulski had seven of the team’s 15 kills, and sophomore Brianna Perkins had two the team’s three aces and nine of the team’s 36 digs. Sophomore Emily Prokop had 14 assists, and senior Piper Robison had the team’s lone block.
Absarokee defeated Park City on Oct. 13 (see separate story). The Huskies are now 10-0 in conference and 12-1 overall.
Next up are home matches against the Plenty Coups Warriors on Tuesday, Oct. 20, and the Roberts Rockets on Thursday, Oct. 22, followed by a trip to Bridger to play the Scouts on Saturday, Oct. 24.

From gazprepsports
Absarokee def. Custer-Hysham
25-15, 25-13, 25-22
Custer-Hysham: Kills 15 (Tori Cybulski 7), Assists 15 (Emily Prokop 14), Aces 3 (Brianna Perkins 2), Digs 36 (Perkins 9), Blocks 1 (Piper Robison).
Absarokee: Kills 34 (Colleen Culbertson 10), Assists 32 (Emma Chandler 19), Aces 4 (Makayla Peterson 2), Digs 85 (Maisey Sheppard 18), Blocks 7 (Chandler 4).

Absarokee def. Reed Point-Rapelje
21-25, 25-12, 25-7, 25-14
Absarokee: Kills 35 (Emma Chandler 3), Assists 29 (Chandler 14), Digs 84 (Erin Campbell 25), Blocks 4 (Chandler 3), Aces 22 (Chandler 6, Maisey Sheppard 6).
Reed Point-Rapelje: Kills 24 (Destiny Ayers 13), Digs: 45 (Brooke Krieger 10), Blocks: 3 (Ayers 2) Assists: 24 (Nynah Bryant 24), Aces 13 (Krieger 5, Ayers 5).