Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ask questions, be an informed, powerful citizen

On Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015, I made the decision to leave the comfort of my home to venture to town in support of “Shop Small Business.” I visited one new business – plan on going back plus several others. It was a great outing.
Then, I went to the post office – notice in my box of a package – no idea what - the clerk asked my box number – came back with a package ( a box inside a larger envelope) which was scanned (purpose that it had been delivered, I guess).
I relate this activity because this is my question to you, the reader: Have you ever requested your U. S. senator/congressman to fly our American Flag over the U. S. Capital? Up until June 2015, I never had. At that time, I sent a request to Sen. Steve Daines requesting that a flag be flown on Constitution Day, Sept. 17, 2015. I can now say transaction is complete because I have my flag and the certificate stating the purpose was for the Stillwater County Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Banquet on Oct. 22, 2015. I now have next year’s donation.
Are you aware of the Politics and Eggs Breakfast – Montana Style being hosted by the Stillwater Republican Women this Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015, with guest speaker Montana State Sen. Jennifer Fielder on the topic “Free The Lands?” The seating capacity is 60. When you read this you missed the deadline to RSVP which was Dec. 1.
Heads up for the next one – Feb. 6, with guest speaker Montana State Rep. Debra Lamm on the topic of “Common Core.”
Look for future events. Plan to educate yourself on important topics that should be of interest to you as an American Patriot. What about (1) National security – securing the borders both north and south – the sovereignty of our nation (2) NRA liaison to the executive vice president (3) Agenda 21 (4) Sharia Law (5) Immigration (6) Voter integrity (7) How to stop government waste.
Bringing the speakers to you in Stillwater County that are very knowledgeable on these subjects. “We The People” need to become engaged because that is how our founding fathers formed the United States of America. America is a Republic. The power is from the people. God Bless America/In Liberty
Shirlee Keffer