Monday, January 22, 2018

Americans should be concerned with Muslim refugees

Calling Americans concerned with the onslaught of Muslim immigrants (legal and illegal) xenophobes, paranoid patriots and haters is truly bizarre.
There seems to be no end to the ways in which certain people, organizations, even government officials try to flog us with the First Amendment, U.S. law and our own Christian doctrine, and none of it comes close to fitting the actuality of the feelings involved or the events taking place.
America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. A legal citizen is guaranteed - under our wonderful constitution - the same rights and liberties whether they agree with or practice these values or not.
Even if a person chooses to be a scumbag, as long as he’s not breaking any laws, he reaps the benefits of a relatively peaceful and respectable society because of these values.
As a Christian, I believe that choice is everything and I believe that God did indeed set this land aside for those who would live and fight for the principles of freedom for all those who desire it. Much blood has been shed preserving this liberty.
Out country has operated for more than 200 years with this foremost in its workings. People from all over the world have recognized it and sought it out for themselves and their posterity. My family came from Czechoslovoka, Ireland, Germany and England for the opportunity to live in a country that, though far from perfect, gave them a hope of finding their own path to success.
So I question why Islamic people are pushing to come here. They don’t, after all, believe in religious freedom, nor do they agree with our laws, nor do they go along with our jointly conceived traditions.
Traditions that have caused us to unite. Traditions that have forged us together as Americans.
Now, I’ve never been bothered by anyone’s choice to practice what they want - whatever floats their boats - but this country was made great by the multitudes working together, for the common purpose of personal freedom.
Freedom to live and work and worship how we choose. I don’t believe that practicers of Islam agree with this philosophy. They want to implement their own laws in places where they are settling.
Sharia law has been put on the agendas of city councils throughout the U.S. - Great Britain now has 85 Sharia courts. That means a justice system not within the bounds of British law, a segment of society not living in accordance with the land they live on.
America has laws, customs and a history that people of all races and backgrounds have helped to shape. Forcing its own citizenry to now take a backseat to a group whose religion preaches everything America is not, seems to be national suicide. Or would it be genocide?
I mean, I’m not holding a loaded gun to my head, but I can feel the cold hard barrel pressed against my temple.

-Audrey Steinfeldt
Reed Point