Thursday, April 19, 2018

Educate yourself on school happenings

I was fortunate to have attended my first “Politics and Eggs Breakfast” at the 307 last Saturday. Representative Debra Lamm gave an amazing presentation on the state of public education. For those not in-the-know, these tutorials are offered each month by the Stillwater Republican Women and are open to the public.
I learned some interesting facts about the people behind progressive education. John Dewey, arguably the father of the movement, believed that schools needed to use philosophy and psychology in order to fully teach our children. Since then, schools have been turned into the “hub” of the community, with morals, ethics, life skills, etc. as part of everyday curriculum, and hapless parents have been ceding their power to the system with the belief that educators know what they are doing.Oh do they know what they are doing! Common Core has now been implemented to ensure that students can see how obsolete and out-of-date their parents’ ways are. It has led to frustration and a lack of trust within families. It has shown kids the way, the truth and the light of our glorious education system, complete with all the technology they crave. These new policies come packaged in soft colors, with a lovely, welcoming bow, intended to make the receiver think he is getting something better than he currently has, or something that he has been lacking.
Once accepted, that “gift” cannot be returned. It now replaces everything that was in place, even if all agree that in hindsight, nothing was really that bad with the old thing. Even if all agree that this new thing isn’t really working at all. That the sleek packaging actually hid an extremely overpriced program that lined the pockets of the “benevolent givers” (Bill Gates, for one, made BILLIONS on the development of Common Core).
That those “givers” made sure their gift would keep giving-to them. The sheer amount of data collected from our precious children through Common Core should terrify all parents. Data that used to be private - and could potentially harm your child’s future - is now being sold to third party for profit companies. Why? You may ask. Power. Not to the people, to the powers that be. This is the NEW age of information.
But the information is not there for US to make informed decisions, it is data surreptitiously gathered by global corporations to further their consumer pool, and work force.
This data is also used to pigeon-hole people in the narrow eyes of our government, which will then funnel graduates into the places where they will benefit the “good of the collective.”
Essays titled “What I Want to be When I Grow up” will be a thing of the past, replaced with the socially responsible “What the Global Community Says I will be When I Grow Up.”
Anyone who believes in free choice for themselves and future generations needs to pay attention to what’s going on in our schools.
Audrey Steinfeldt
Reed Point