Thursday, April 19, 2018

Former Cougar Bob Murphy played hard every down

When I was in high school, one of society’s dreaded diseases was polio. At one time our school was closed for fear of a polio epidemic. Since that time research scientists have developed a vaccine and today that disease is rarely mentioned. Today society must deal with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and various forms of cancer. We are making some headway on fighting cancer. The other two mentioned doom those who have contracted those diseases to a lifetime of suffering that gets progressively worse and is non-reversible.
Bob Murphy battled Parkinson’s disease and when he could see only a long road of suffering he called it quits.
The ultimate compliment that a football coach could give his athlete is that he played hard on every down. An analogy could apply to all sports, activity, or even life itself. Bob Murphy played hard every down.
Columbus should be proud of Bob Murphy. As an outstanding running back, Bob was the main target for opposing teams. Most teams counted their success on stopping Bob as the key to beating the Cougars. Bob knew that and his coach and teammates knew that. You know what? In two years no one ever stopped him. Bob accepted his success as a humble athlete who couldn’t function without his team. Bob Murphy played hard every down.
At one period in Bob’s life alcohol looked as though it may defeat him. He took that head on and not only won that battle but he lined up to help other fight that addiction.
When Bob was cruelly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease he took that head on. Bob Murphy played hard every down and made the decision to go out on his own terms.
Bob was a Columbus Cougar through and through. He deserves more than a simple announcement of his death. Bob Murphy played hard on every down and I am proud to have been his teacher, his coach and his friend.

Berv Kimberley