Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Not a perfect country, but free to make our own choices

At the Columbus Community Congregational Church after the World Day of Prayer on Friday, March 4, 2016, I gave an impromptu presentation outlining a brief history of Cuba with an insight into the Socialist regime of the Castro brothers.
The plight of my family and people close to me gives me a unique perspective of the pitfalls and dangers of embracing a Socialist form of government with:
•Education for all but what career path you take dictated by the government
•Free medical care for all but who receives treatment and when dictated by the corrupt government workers
•Equal employment for all but with everyone receiving the same pay regardless of work ethics and production
•Equal food, merchandise, medicines but government elites take first pick
•Equality for all but ration card dictates what you are eligible to buy, no milk for children over 6 years old
•Large voter turnout but mandatory to vote for and appear at rallies for the Communist Party events
•Literacy for all but children are indoctrinated in the Socialist/Communist ideology
•Neighborhood watch organizations but it’s a spy network to inform government of people’s doings
•Secure borders but it’s meant to keep the citizens from fleeing the oppression
•Personal freedoms of speech, beliefs, etc. dictated by the elite Socialist government
Our country is not perfect but we should all be proud to be an American where we can make our own choices.
Marta Gauthier