Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pick Parker for the Absarokee Fire District board

This letter is in response to the article in last edition of the Stillwater County News regarding the contested race for the Absarokee Fire District board election.
In regard to the incumbent district board member Bob Kirch, who is being challenged by Charles Parker, I wish to make the following statement:
In the article I saw no mention of Charles Parker’s qualifications. Charles sold an insurance business upon moving to Nye where he and his wife, Jane, had a home. Charles serves on the Nye Community Foundation Board of Directors whereas Bob Kirch does not. This was not factual in your article. Charles is also a member of the Nye Volunteer Fire Department and serves as president.
As to my involvement and experience regarding the Nye Fire Department, I would like to mention the following: I accompanied Ray Guthrie when he visited his attorney when he made it possible for the community to have a spot to build the Nye Fire Hall. Also, for many years I served as the first chief of the Nye Department as well as serving many years as a member on the Absarokee District Board.
In submitting this, I do it because I feel it is necessary. I truly feel Bob has given enough of his time and now it is someone else’s turn. Mr. Parker is highly qualified for this position and I am asking for your vote for Charles in the election for the Absarokee Fire Board. Thank you for your consideration.

Keith E. Martin