Sunday, March 18, 2018

From the bottom of the hearts of a grieving family

The love for our son, Chance, was abundantly clear as news of his passing rapidly circulated last Wednesday night.
The kind words and benevolence of so many people quickly began to flow in. We were overwhelmed by the love for our son and for us that poured into our hearts from all around.
Our boy, with the heart of gold, had impacted such a remarkable amount of lives. We always knew that his soul held a special gift, but didn’t realize how effortlessly he was able to share that with the ones close to him as well as a passing stranger. However, he knew no stranger.
We met so many amazing kiddos that carry our son’s glow within them. And have found solace knowing that his spirit will continue on in the hearts and smiles of so many.
Thank you to our family, friends and community, as well as Chance’s extended family and friends for surrounding us with your kind words, prayers and hugs of strength. Each and everyone of you helped to pick up a broken piece of our shattered hearts. We will forever be indebted to you, your generosity and your support.

Ritch, Amanda, Erin & Ashton Campbell