Monday, January 22, 2018

Resident: #TreeLivesMatter

I have lived in Stillwater County my whole live (except my time in the United States Army) and feel very fortunate that I grew up on Shane Creek Road.
I can’t remember many trees growing right along the road and that is a good thing. That way I didn’t have to witness the irreversible trauma of trees being cut down in front of my eyes.
I remember, as a kid, my Dad always complaining about the county not taking care of our rough road, and that was bad enough.
It was a very good day when the county decided to pave the road the first three miles or so. Since the county is now involved in the logging business, what are they doing with these poor trees?
I hope that the Stillwater County News will get some of the paper from the trees to be able to print all of these letters to the editor each week dealing with this issue.
Not to mention the Kleenex company whose sales have soared due to having to wipe off all of these liberal bleeding heart tears.
So if you drive around our county please, stay away from the Dean and Emerald Lake area. That way you won’t have to witness the bloody killing fields of the Fiddler Creek tree murder.
The post traumatic stress and nightmares that follow will rival my time in the Diyala Provence, Iraq 2006-07.
Trust me those aren’t pleasant thoughts. Instead go and hug a tree while you still can. Hold it, love it, hell even name it. With this current county “Highway King”(I promoted him in my letter) and commissioners the next time you drive from Rapelje to Nye you probably won’t see a single tree standing.…..First world problems.

Kyle Stadel