Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A building legacy not worthy of beholding

The increases in the cost of people’s health care, instead of the yearly $2,500 savings that was promised.
Pulling the troops and handing over the Middle East countries to ISIS for more beheadings, executions, burning and drowning people in cages.
Tying the hands of the Border Patrol and the border states, not letting them enforce United States immigration law, slowing down deportations of illegal immigrants.
Importing thousands of Muslims into the U.S., without them being vetted.
Tying the hands of law enforcement officers in cities like Detroit, Chicago and murder rates as a result increasing almost 200 percent. Doubling or tripling racism in the U.S. since taking office. Lifting sanctions on North Korea, and Iran, so they can keep working on and testing nuclear bombs and missiles. Reducing our own nuclear arsenal. Doubling the national debt.
Allowing biological males into the restrooms that our wives and daughters use. Trying to change the definition of marriage. Antigun advocate. War on coal and coal producing states. EPA, IRS and other federal agencies trampling people and people’s rights. Bypassing Congress with executive orders. A legacy to behold.

Steve Bue
Reed Point