Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Special garden in Columbus makes for years of memories

I will never forget the first time I drove by the special garden. It was about 13 years ago on a hot July day. My family had recently moved to Columbus and my kids, then just 3 and 6 years old, were in the backseat strapped in their car seats. When we approached the corner of Pike Avenue and B Street I had to stop the car to the exclamations from the rear of the car, “Oh, look Mommy!” I stopped and we spent several minutes admiring the beautiful vegetables, garden decorations and all the hand painted signs and figures.
From then on we always made sure to drive by the garden when we went to and from home. We always drove by very slowly and often stopped to admire it. We pointed out our favorite signs, sayings and figurines to each other. Some years something new would appear. The woman being chased by a shark was an immediate favorite as well as the skunk family. To this day I still drive that route to and from home.
I enjoy that garden through all the seasons. Right now it is freshly tilled with a few plants starting to take root. I watch it through summer as the plants grow and mature. I rejoice in harvest season when I can tell produce has been picked and plucked by the owners. Fall is special, too, when the plants are all gone and the earth is turned in preparation for winter. I smile when I drive by in winter and a fresh blanket of snow makes all the little ripples and bumps even out and look pristine. When the lights on the cross are lit for Christmas it makes for a delightful season at the special garden.
I want to thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kostelecky for all the years of enjoyment you have provided for me and my family, and I am sure for many other families as well. You and your garden are a continuing blessing to me. May you have a wonderful growing and harvest season in the special garden!

Lisa Forseth