Thursday, April 19, 2018

Absarokee PA: Keeping ALS services is truly vital

As a provider in a relatively remote rural area I can tell you that having ALS (advanced life support) from Columbus Fire Rescue is crucial.
Living rurally we already have limited resources. Improving group efforts to ensure higher level of care for our residents is an ideal situation for everyone involved.
Currently in Absarokee we have a volunteer crew that runs our Ambulance service. They do an excellent job. However, they are limited in the training and medical intervention that they can provide to patients. There are many situations that require an ALS team, along with the skills and medication that they can provide, to ensure Stillwater County residents receive the most optimal medical care.
Having expeditious care and availability locally play a large role in patient outcomes in many situations.
There are times that the difference between basic ambulance service (BLS) versus an advanced life support (ALS) trained ambulance service, as well as local ambulance service versus waiting for Billings services, is a matter of life and death.
We are fortunate to have a facility like Stillwater Billings Clinic in our county. Having ALS services available on the Fire and Rescue teams is just an extension of the great care we already have available close to home in our county.

Brooke Yates, PA
Absarokee Clinic