Saturday, March 24, 2018

Columbus PA: Lives have been saved by ALS staff

In Stillwater County the last years we have been fortunate to have an ambulance service which has Advanced Life Support providers, paramedics.
These providers are trained to assess patients in emergency situations. They have skills to insert IV lines and administer fluids and life saving medicines, IV pain medicines, anti seizure medicines and others.
These providers have a clearly defined scope of practice they work within and they work closely with the providers at Stillwater Billings Clinic to provide further advanced care to patients in need.
They can transfer patients to Billings while continuing advanced care without delay because they have this skill set.
We have grown accustomed to summoning the ambulance and having these skilled people respond to our needs. Can you imagine your loved one suffering a heart attack and not having these people to respond? Here is what would happen. People would likely not get an IV started immediately, they would not be given IV cardiac medicines that paramedics can give.
If the patient were not breathing the responders would do their best, but they cannot put the advanced air way (tube to breathe) in a patient.
We appreciate patients getting this life-saving care before they even get to the emergency room, then we can do our hospital part and get them transferred to Billings if need be. This time frame is very valuable and life saving.
All of Stillwater County has seen benefit from having advanced life support available. I am certain that we have seen lives saved because of this service.

Susan E. Ivankovich, PA
Stillwater Billings Clinic