Friday, February 23, 2018

Willard Lauren Moore

June 12, 1938 — Dec. 22, 2017

He was born one summer, to a family so great, the 12th of it June, 1938. The second of three young pistols to raise. In southeast Montana, where the livestock did graze. He boarded for schoolin, in the town of Belle Fourche, but home was on Crow Creek, where the storms came a-whoosh!

When the schoolin’ was through, in the spring of five six. To the ranch he returned, to perfect all his tricks. From ranchin’ to rodeo, sheep camp and airplanes, dances and card parties, broom tails and roached manes.

In six two came a chance, that changed his whole life. At a dance up in Bozeman, he met who’d be his wife. In ‘63 came, the first child of two. A daughter named Kim, he was over the moon!! The second child came, after a decade would pass. He get ‘em a son, and the die it was cast.

In ‘78, the Moores packed up camp. And moved to Columbus, their new dot on the map. They ranched there for 10 years, raising critters and crops. Then sold out in eight 9, cuz that’s how the mop flops.

He day-worked and studied, and sold feedstuffs too. Even carpentered a bit, to make an end meet or two. Then settled as a realtor, the most of it with Mandeville. For near a quarter a’ century, was how he fulfilled.

The list of his credits, for membership served. In the clubs, groups and orgs, all got the time they deserved. Whether ranchin’ or farmin’, flyin’ or the vote, his heart was all in, even the “letters” he wrote. While fishin’ was a favorite pastime for sure, either social or solo, his love of it pure. As time started takin’ back his gifts by fate, on twenty two of December, heaven would no longer wait. To tend Heaven’s cavvy, is Willard’s new role, as we’re sure that he made it cuz God blessed his soul!

He was preceded in death by his parents, Manly A & Edna (Griffis) Moore; brothers Manly Jr. and Robert E Moore. Willard is survived by his daughter Kim (Jerry) Kelley of Belgrade, son Willie (Shannon) Moore of Columbus area; three grandchildren Hank, Grace and Ollie Moore, several nieces and nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, and a list of friends as long as the Montana Sky is wide!

“And remember, you’re all champs and don’t forget to ASAP...always say a prayer!”