Sunday, March 18, 2018

Work underway at West Annex for new office

More work is underway at the West Annex in Columbus as additional office space is being prepared in order to move the Extension Office from its current location at the courthouse.
Stillwater County Commissioner Gerald Dell confirmed the development last week when asked by the SCN.
Dell, and the other two commissioners, were contacted multiple times about how much money has been spent on that project so far, but they did not respond.
In an email Tuesday, Commissioner Maureen Davey wrote “Full week. We will try and get back to next week.”
This comes as the commissioners -- and taxpayers -- await the results of a feasibility study conducted to examine four potential options to deal with an aging and crowded courthouse. The results of that study will be released at the first of three public meetings to be held this month.
When asked if the Extension Office was being moved due to tight quarters, Dell said the following:
“The answer is yes, we also moved the Planning office and the Environmental Health office to the Annex,” Dell said in an email.
However, the Planning and Environmental Offices were located in a rental building away from the courthouse. By moving out of the rentals and into the renovated West Annex, costs were cut. The county owns the West Annex, which was named such by the commissioners in the past few years. It is actually located in the old hospital and Meadowlark Assisted Living Facility.