Sunday, March 18, 2018

From left are Aryah, Karma Forney, and Brookelynn Forney as they waited in the snow and cold last Saturday night for the arrival of the Lincoln and Eleanor Uecker.

Uecker twins home at last

On a frigid, snowy Saturday night, the Uecker family arrived in Columbus for the first time as a foursome.
Met at the Columbus exit shortly before 8 p.m., Rachael Geehan, fiance Aaron Uecker and the couple’s premature infant twins -- Eleanor and Lincoln -- were greeted by a Stillwater County Sheriff’s patrol car and a Columbus Police Department patrol car and escorted to their home on West Fourth Avenue. (Uecker is a reserve sheriff’s deputy).
A small group of family, friends and neighbors waited with large “welcome home signs” that were also placed on the house itself.
“Thank you! Thank you so much! The house looks great,” Rachael Geehan shouted to the well-wishers as soon as she climbed from her truck.
While Uecker and Geehan’s mother, Dianne Geehan, quickly moved equipment and then the babies into the house, Rachael ventured a short distance from her drive-way to offer her thanks.
The well-wishes kept their distance, as the infants still struggle with a multitude of health issues after having been born at just 23 weeks and must be protected from any incoming illness.
It was the first time in four months that Rachael Geehan had stepped foot inside her own home. After four months at a Denver hospital, the twins were released.
Each was born at just more than 1 pound, with Lincoln having been delivered three weeks before his sister. Each baby now weights more than 6 pounds.
On Rachael Geehan’s Facebook page is the following saying:
“pree-mie: (noun)
a little bit of heaven sent down to earth so you can witness a miracle in the