Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The old hospital is connected to the Meadowlark Assisted Living Facility. It is in the basement of Meadowlark where some county offices are located. That is being referred to as the West Annex. Hospital offices were located there prior to its move.

Commissioner: $4,500 spent on new office at old hospital

Work completed thus far on a new office in the “West Annex” building for the Stillwater Extension Office has totaled approximately $4,500.
Stillwater County Commissioner Dennis Shupak provided the following numbers late last Wednesday (amounts are approximates):
•$1,000 for the sprinkler system
•$1,017 for lumber
•$675 for labor
•$1,800 in electrical work
Those totaled approximately $4,492. Shupak apologized for taking so long to provide the information, which was requested more than a month ago, saying the commissioners had been busy.
Other county offices currently housed in the “West Annex” include Planning and Environmental. Those offices were previously located in a commercial building offsite of the courthouse on which the county was paying rent.
The county owns the old hospital and the Meadowlark Assisted Living Facility and the two are physically connected.
The county offices are located in the basement below Meadowlark, which the commissioners refer to as the “West Annex.”