Monday, January 22, 2018

Felon who married victim gets 5 years DOC

Michael Lande seems to have no intent to follow court orders.
Appearing in the 22nd District Judicial Court last Friday after having been arrested on yet another offense involving the same victim as well as a Stillwater County warrant, Lande blamed his troubles on “getting off on the wrong foot” with his probation officer and asked for a second chance.
Judge Blair Jones flatly rejected that contention.
“Your history is you kind of do what you want to do,” said Jones.
The judge then revoked Lande’s May 2014 sentence and committed the 40-year-old to the Department of Corrections (DOC) for five years.
Lande was supposed to have been sentenced last month, but was a no-show. Stillwater County Attorney Nancy Rohde said that Lande has also been charged in another county with a violent misdemeanor involving the same victim that resulted in injuries. Once jailed, Lande continued to contact the victim by calling her at least 27 times, according to Rohde.
Despite court and probation orders to have no contact with the victim, Lande married her in 2014.
At Lande’s last court appearance in November 2014, he admitted to violating his probation by using methamphetamine, gambling, getting in legal trouble and having contact with the victim in the original case on multiple occasions -- including their wedding.
Most of Lande’s probation violations occurred in Billings and two involved reported domestic disturbance and a reported sexual assault -- again involving the same victim.
The original case against him is from a summer of 2013 incident when a 911 call led police to a campsite at Itch-Kep-Pe Park where a woman was “visibly shaking and crying and obviously scared,” according to court documents.
She told Columbus police that Lande had assaulted her on two occasions that day. In one, Lande allegedly held her mouth shut so tightly that it caused two small cuts on the inside of her lip, according to court documents.
The second occasion involved Lande allegedly holding the victim’s face down in the gravel.
Just prior to the 911 call, police were in the campground on another call and Lande prevented the victim from leaving the tent, according to court documents.
Lande is also a convicted burglar out of Missoula County in 1994, according to the DOC.