Friday, April 20, 2018

Hannes Chandler won with “Soil pollution: how fast does it happen?”

Absarokee Science Fair

The 17th annual Absarokee Science Fair was held on Tuesday, Feb. 24. Students in grades 7-9 participated. Sixty-eight students presented a total of 56 projects. Those students who received blue ribbons will go on to participate in the Billings Science Expo in late March. That is a regional science fair for students in southeastern Montana.
The top scoring projects were as follows:
7th grade
1st place – Hannes Chandler: “Soil pollution: how fast does it happen?”
2nd place – Christopher Pasecznyk: “Fast and fab flying machines”
3rd place – Tymber Jensen: “Does crossed hand-eye dominance affect your shot?”
Other 7th graders who will go on to the Science Expo are Kaiya Holmquist, Maggie Howes, Tucker Sullivan, Brandon South, Trinity Danielson, Zacc Degele, Brent Kelly, Nathan Harris, Garric Zugaza, Ashton Campbell, and Kennedy Eckwortzel.
8th grade
1st place – Shea Ostrum: “Chew on this”
2nd place – Mallorey Sheppard: “Swoosh swoosh”
3rd place – Peyson Acree: “Pedal Power”
Other 8th graders who received blue ribbons are Raelynne Barnett, Caje Pillion, Bailey Gauthier, Kayden Curtis, Daniel Brimer, Jake Branger, Jordan Gallagher, Samantha Siegfried, Davina Gorden, and Drew Heyneman.
9th grade
1st place – Chloe Flynn: “Total recall”
2nd place – Caitlin Young & Haley Domitraschuk: “Are bank shots dependable?”
3rd place – Beca Lester & Emma LaMoure: “Smoothies”
Other 9th graders who will go on to the Science Expo are Tana Babb and Hana Kelly.
The overall winner was Hannes Chandler.
Thank you very much to the judges who volunteered their time to help out. The judges were Noel Keogh, Debbie Siebert, Mike Pasecznyk, Rick Collins, Don Mussetter, Kevin Chandler, Gene Aubrey, Gwen Aubrey, Donna von Nieda, Ken Joki, Diana Scollard, Chris Gunderson, Kurt von Nieda, Bob Staigmiller, Nancy Staigmiller, Sarah Russell, Elijah Barbour, Ty Pfingsten and Joshua Gallagher. Also thank you to Carolyn Story and Georgi Hamel for providing lunch.