Saturday, January 20, 2018

Left to Right: Nye School students Bekah Harris, Claire Hatch, Ally Howes, Keagan Sandlin, and Brynne Eixenberger provided entertainment during the Nye Pie Auction on Feb. 7. The students started the program with a song about pumpkin pie.
Back: Nye School teacher Kathy Currie.

All is fine at the annual Nye Pie Auction!

The Nye School was packed on Saturday night as members of the community competed against one another - and sometimes the auctioneer or themselves - for a chance to bring home a variety of baked goods from the annual Nye Pie Auction.
The pie auction is an annual fundraiser that raises money for student activities. The event has been going on for more than 20 years. More than 30 pies and baked items were auctioned this year.
Nye teacher Kathy Currie said the money is used for things that they could not afford without the pie auction.
Donated baked goods were auctioned off in four rounds of bidding, while the students from Nye School provided entertainment at the start of the event and between rounds.
The students sang a pumpkin pie song to start the night, which was followed by the first auction item of the night - a pumpkin pie. The pie brought $65.
Bidding picked up quickly with the second item, a cherry pie, bringing $150.
“Pi on a Pie,” a cherry pie baked by Kayla Holmquist, featured a pi-shaped vent hole. The pie came with a label detailing the area, circumference, diameter, and radius of the pie. Pi on a Pie brought $180.
The “Hunger Fighter Pie” was donated by the Nye School. Proceeds from this apple pie will be donated to Project Hope. The Hunger Fighter Pie sold for $175.
During one intermission in the auction Nye students recited two poems that they had memorized.
All five students recited “The Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. Claire Hatch recited Shel Silverstein’s “Pie Problem.”
The Heads and Tails game was played during another intermission. The game, which involved a $5 buy in, required participants to stand with their hands on either their head or tail while the auctioneer flipped a coin to decide who stayed in and who was eliminated.
The winner was awarded with a family game night bag.
The Nye students also recited a special fairy tale titled “The Three Billy Goats Gruff Don’t Want to Bother with the Troll so They Eat at the Nye Pie Auction.”
The final item to be auctioned was a painting by local painter Tom Wolfe. The painting, titled “A Slice of Cherry Pie for the Kids of Nye,” brought $285.
Brian Young served as the auctioneer. Young was assisted by his three sons who attended preschool in Nye, with son Colton taking the microphone to conduct several auctions.
Tables and chairs for the pie auction were provided by the Nye Community Foundation. The foundation purchased a “party trailer” last year that is stocked with tables, chairs, and an event canopy for use at local events.
The party trailer was funded by a grant from the Tippet Rise Fund of the Sidney E. Frank Foundation.
The Nye School has five students this year with three in third grade and two in fifth grade.