Saturday, March 24, 2018


Aug. 1, 1937 — Aug. 23, 2017

Robert H. Tyler Jr., passed away on Aug. 23, supported by Chris Tyler (Leah) and Erica Tyler-Whitney (Aaron). Rob began life on Aug. 1, 1937, on the Weir-Tyler Ranch on the Stillwater River. He was born to Robert and Katharine Tyler, longtime residents and teachers in the Stillwater Valley. During grade school, Rob’s family moved to the Grove Creek Ranch, where his sister, Katie Alt, still resides.
He graduated from Eastern Montana College in 1958 and taught in Laurel Elementary School. He is survived by children from his first marriage Marci Sherk (Bill) and Robyn Tyler. His son, Neil Tyler, predeceased him in 1981. During the 60s and 70s he taught in Alaskan villages with his second wife, where they adopted Chris and Erica. As well as teaching, Rob spent time in Oregon owning a bakery and on staff at Stillwater Hospital. During his final years, he lived near his son, Chris, in Farmington, N.M.