Absarokee Science Fair results

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Left: Freshman Colton Young, the overall Absarokee science fair winner, poses with his project. Right: Eighth grader Claire Hatch with her project board. Hatch won first place for her grade.

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Photos by Catherine Frazer

Scientific jargon filled the air on Feb. 21 as students explained all of their hard work during the 20th annual Absarokee Science Fair. Freshman Colton Young came out on top as the overall winner with his project “Does it matter how much air is inside?” A total of 73 students presented 59 different science projects, according to a recent news release. All of the winners listed below have earned the opportunity to compete in the Billings Science Expo on March 23.

6th grade

- 1st place: Dillon Ferster – “Video games = reaction time” - 2nd place: Keagan Sandlin – “Mom said not to drink that” - 3rd place: Shayla Russell – “Effect of temperature on the growth of bacteria” - Other blue ribbon winners: Hayden Steffenson, Callen Gunderson, Brynne Eixenberger, Chayd Pillion, Harley Kale, Isaac Richardson, Moira Riddle, Tysen Young, Tom Murphy, and Karli Heskett

7th grade

- 1st place: Westin Stevens – “Bacteria on surfaces at school” - 2nd place: Tandy Planichek & Avery Gates – “Hot! Hot! Hot!” - 3rd place: Nila Dawson & Izzy Gurie – “Does mint make temperatures drop?” - 3rd place: Leo Nelson & Elias Richardson – “No pain, lots of game” - Other blue ribbon winners: Mike Curl, Monique Mondragon, Taytin Young, and Isaac Boyce

8th grade

- 1st place: Claire Hatch – “Heads or tails: Do magnets affect how quickly Planaria regenerate?” - 2nd place: Paige Steffenson – “Got pesky stains?” - 3rd place: Adree Langley & Kailey Campbell – “Project mouse” - Other blue ribbon winner: Trevor Zumbrun

9th grade

- 1st place: Colton Young – “Does it matter how much air is inside?” - 2nd place: MeKayla Walton – “What’s hot and what’s not?” - 3rd place: Austin Grondin – “Which bridge design is the strongest?” - Other blue ribbon winners: MaKenzie Walton, Emily Routen, Haley Richardson, Ray LaMoure,Dayton Gurie, Auddie Martin, Keara Young, Andrew Espeland, Wyatt Hayes, Dawson Lester, Kenadie Stevens, and Lexi Feddes

Absarokee Science teacher Catherine Frazer would like to thank all of the volunteer judges, students who helped set up the gym, and Georgi Hamel for providing lunch.