BackPack program going strong

Thursday, September 22, 2022

For the past 10 years, Project Hope has been partnering with Beartooth Ford to provide food to children in need throughout schools all over Stillwater County.

Including five schools across the county and 88 students total, the BackPack Program has been working hard every year to help ensure students as well as their siblings, have the food they need outside of school.

Each week, the BackPack Program provides students with bags containing non-perishable, easy-to-make foods meant to last students through weekends and breaks in which they have no access to school food. These bags include a variety of foods like fruit snacks, mac and cheese, cereal, etc, that provide snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for children.

The food is picked out and bought by Project Hope staff and volunteers before it is bagged and eventually delivered to each school by Beartooth Ford. In order to keep everything anonymous, school staff then distributes each BackPack to students privately for them to take home. Typically, much of the fundraising for this program is through Beartooth Ford, however, Project Hope also receives donations from community members, as well as grants from Town Pump and the Absarokee Foundation specifically for this program.

Due to these fundraisers, along with the help from staff and volunteers helping this program run, the BackPack Program has been able to successfully help kids for the last 10 years. As the issue of hunger in Montana continues to persist, programs such as the BackPack program are hoping to continue helping those in need for years to come.