Something to write home about
Marlo Pronovost
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
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Photo by Dave Shumway/VOA

The Stillwater Team poses on Columbus Police Officer Gary Timm's patrol car for a fun shot. See the photo gallery for more images by Dave Shumway!

Tucked into the Beartooth Mountains just beyond Dean, a summer camp convenes every June that is doing extraordinary things.

Fifth and sixth grade kids from around the state are leaving camp stronger.



More confident.

More trusting and seeing their own potential in a brand new way.

Welcome to Camp POSTCARD — a free, week-long, values-based program put on by the Volunteers of America Northern Rockies (VOANR) that is geared toward helping kids bolster leadership, decision-making, self-esteem, teamwork and organizational skills through a variety of activities, while getting to have true summer fun by rock climbing, shooting, archery and other outdoor activities.

Stillwater campers Kornick Adams and Keenan Hansen won awards for shooting and archery, while Savana Ivie was presented with an Amercian flag for being selected to the honor guard as each day the flag is raised and lowered with a ceremony.


Camp POSTCARD stands for Peace Officers Striving To Achieve and Reinforce Dreams, and police officers serve as camp counselors in an effort to make positive connections with kids in the hopes of reducing tobacco, alcohol and drug use.

Teams come with law enforcement officers from their respective county or city. Participating this year were Stillwater, Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Big Horn counties, in addition to police departments from Billings, Laurel, Bozeman, Helena and Great Falls.

A total of 72 campers attended camp at the Beartooth Christian Camp, along with 16 officers/deputies and 11 mentors (who are young people who have previously gone through the camp).


The Volunteers of America is a national non-profit, faith-based organization with the following mission: To compassionately serve and strengthen individuals by empowering them to build healthy and happy lives.

Launched in 1985, VOA serves Montana, Wyoming and western South Dakota and is dedicated to “helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential,” according to the VOA Facebook page.

“We are fueled by love and compassion, a deeply held belief in human worth and dignity, and an unfailing dedication to the human spirit. All of our programming is about helping those we serve create whole lives,” the organization states on social media.

The group has eight core service areas: Veteran Services, Health Care Services, Homeless Services, Rapid City Services, Youth Services, Community Enhancement, Affordable Housing and Adult Re-Entry.

The organization is guided by professional staff and committed volunteers who create strong families and thriving communities through “progressive holistic programs by lending a hand up, not a hand out.”

Those programs, the organization states, allow it to move individuals, families — and even communities — from instability to security.

“Our outcomes continually demonstrate that working with the potential in everyone, we accomplish more than anyone thought possible,” according to the organization’s Facebook page.


Grants and donations largely fund Camp POSTCARD, which locally includes the Sibanye-Stillwater mining company. Also making the camp possible are the likes of Berkshire Hathaway, Town Pump Charitable Foundation and the Walmart Foundation, to name a few.